Help for Moms and Their Babies

Doula coaching pregnant mom

What is a DOULA?

A person who is trained to assist a woman during childbirth, and who supports the mother and family before and after the birth.

Doulas are more than a birthing coach, they are an advocate for the mom. Doulas facilitate a safe, empowering birth experience, and provide the physicals, emotional, and educational support for a pregnant mom.

Birth room support for mother giving birth

Available Services

To help mom and baby with a healthy start, the program offers:

  • Doula services/Birth room support
  • Support throughout pregnancy to baby’s first birthday
  • Breastfeeding education
  • Baby boxes/Breast pumps
  • Appointment support
  • Social support services
  • Referral to care
Healthy pregnant mom practicing yoga

Getting Started

We can help you get started. Providers can refer you into the program or you may refer yourself:

  1. Select the most convenient county/city from the Contact Info & Referrals menu.
  2. Fill out the form, call 1-888-436-8527, or email.


What to Expect as a CDS Mom

As a mom in the community doula service program you can expect to receive culturally appropriate and sensitive support throughout the course of your pregnancy until your baby’s first birthday. The program will guide you through this important life change with education and empowerment in order to make sure you are having the best pregnancy and birth scenario for you.

How does the program work? After you refer yourself into the program (see the self-referral button) you can expect to be contacted by a doula within 48 hours. Your assigned doula will discuss the program details and go over the participant agreement with you (this will need to be signed during your first home visit). Once you are enrolled you’ll begin having regular touch bases with your doula every week through text, phone call, video call or whatever communication method works best for you as well as home visits where your doula will provide you educational materials, resources to local services and providers that you may need and (with your permission) provide support to you in the birth room. The program continues on until your baby’s graduation day on their first birthday.

Providers: What Can Your Clients Expect

The Community Doula Services program provides culturally competent pregnancy assistance through the use of doulas who are dual certified as doulas and community health workers. Doulas work with moms from point of entry into program through graduation (baby’s first birthday).

Their primary roles are to: provide general educational resources for a healthy pregnancy and postpartum (information such as safe sleep practices, breastfeeding, tobacco cessation, nutrition, etc.), provide referrals to local providers and resources to meet mom’s needs and provide emotional and physical support during the labor and delivery process.

Doulas are not medically certified in anyway so they are there to make moms feel safe, comfortable and heard. As a note, doulas understand the importance of not overstepping the scope of their certifications by providing medical advice, but will help moms to understand their options and right as patients.